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Mixcraft 6

Mixcraft 6 Recording Software

MIXCRAFT is a professional recording studio software easy enough for beginners.

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Mixcraft Pro Studio 6

Mixcraft Pro Studio

Mixcraft Pro Studio version features Mixcraft multi-track recording studio with added virtual instruments and mastering effects. It's the complete DAW.

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Beatcraft is a powerful and versatile drum machine software for all music styles! (includes effects and samples).

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MIXCRAFT 6 Music Recording Software

Mixcraft is an easy-to-use and affordable multitrack recording studio. With Mixcraft you can easily make music on your home pc, record your band, create song mash-ups, remixes or podcasts, and even add video.

Mixcraft 6

Here are some of the new features and improvements coming with version 6:

  • Thousands of new loops and samples
  • ReWire support
  • New virtual instruments (ComboV & ComboF organs, Acoustica Studio Drums)
  • Submix tracks for grouping tracks together
  • Loop recording mode with multiple takes
  • Control surface support for transport & plug-in controls
  • Support for VSTs with multiple outputs
  • Video transitions, automation, text & titles, still image importing
  • Improved quantize and other new MIDI processing tools
  • Built-in guitar tuner on every audio track
  • Live automation recording
  • Option to mix down all individual tracks for exporting project to another DAW
  • Drum maps in the piano roll interface
  • Effect chain presets
  • And a lot more ...


mixcraft feature

Clear and Easy-To-Use Graphical User Interface

Mixcraft 6 Interface

New automation features provide automated control of all instruments and effects parameters. Powerful mixer interface provides a convenient and familiar interface for mixing a project. Intuitive keyboard controls and shortcuts for quick work flow. Multi-monitor support lets you take full advantage of computers with multiple monitors.

mixcraft feature

Unlimited Audio and Midi Tracks

Mixcraft 6 Tracks & Mixer

Mixcraft has an unlimited number of audio and midi tracks and you can record several tracks at the same time. For complete control over your mix use send tracks, submix tracks and the master track.

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Samples and Loops Library

Mixcraft 6 sample library

Over 6000 royalty-free samples, loops and sound effects in all musical styles. Mixcraft is compatible with Acid Loops and Apple GarageBand.

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Virtual Instruments and Effects

Mixcraft 6 virtual instruments and effects

Mixcraft includes 11 virtual instruments and 25 effects/signal processors, and you can add unlimited VSTi™ instruments, VST™ and DirectX™ effects.

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Notation Tool

Mixcraft 6 Notation

Create, edit and print music notation.

mixcraft feature

Video scoring

Mixcraft 6 Video Scoring

Mixcraft video track allows you to load and edit video files. Easily cross−fade from one video clip to another. Remix the audio, add a soundtrack, and effortlessly render your video project to a new video file. Powerful video features include still image importing, automatable effects and transitions, and moving text.

mixcraft feature

Mix Down and CD Burning

Mix down to .MP3, .WAV, high-quality compressed .OGG (ideal for exchanging projects over the internet), and other audio file types. Burn CDs of your music with one click.

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